Make your business thrive with the power of Voice

Deliver disruptive customer experiences in lower costs, great quality and strong high- level, end to end encryption.

We offer global Voice Connectivity combined with advanced service control allowing enterprises, applications, global resellers to communicate with fixed and mobile telephone subscribers around the globe. Go live in minutes with SIP Trunk and grow your communication quickly and accurately. Intelligent call routing capabilities ensure low latency routes and quality voice calls upon route testing, benchmarking and fail-over options. Security features provide custom configuration for compliance with your application’s requirements.


Leverage the intelligence of voice marketing technology to seamlessly engage with your audience in a personalized and natural way.


Increase customer engagement

Get way more personal. Deliver a more engaging and personalized user experience, and achieve a greater ROI.


Easy setup

Single connection point for 1 and 2 way voice calls around the world.


Natural human-sounding voice

Turn company greetings and information readouts into speech. Εxpress your content with intelligence and emotion, in a realistic, clear and human voice.


Worldwide delivery anywhere and to all devices

Your voice message is always delivered to your audience regardless of their location, thanks to guaranteed global message deliverability spanning over 360 networks and 220 countries.


Real-time monitoring and reporting capabilities.

See detailed analytics about your voice campaigns. Measure your results and the impact your messages have on your customers.


Critical transactional campaigns

Use voice to instantly deliver critical alerts (e.g., a flight cancellation, a health-related announcement), benefiting from our guaranteed global message deliverability spanning over 360 networks and 220 countries

Improve results with AMD Telecom Services, your ultimate connectivity partner.

Service Features

A wide range of rich features, designed to improve the efficiency of your voice marketing

Automated Text-to-Speech

Run your campaign more efficiently by defining user actions to trigger voice messages to your customers automatically.

Visual IVR

Allow authorized staff in your organization to edit and customize your call center menus and flows with simple drag-and-drop tools that are intuitive to use and easy to master.

Scheduled Campaigns

You can schedule the time and the day your service is activated, so you can be in complete control.

Fail Over Channels

If users don’t react to your voice message, there are fallback options you can reach them at.

Multiple languages

With 16 languages available you can personalize your voice message and send it to your customers’ native language.

Call logs

All call history and data are recorded and can be extracted to give your business the reports it needs to enhance its services.

Speech recognition

Guide your customer interactions through our Cloud IVR services. Turn speech into text and determine the ideal automated route for their call.

Human-sounding speech

Our API speech engine sounds unmistakably human so you can turn your company greetings and information readouts into speech.

A/B testing

Conduct tests to see which voice call engages with your customers better and improve your voice services.

Make your Voice heard

Leverage the intelligence of voice marketing technology to seamlessly engage with your audience in a personalized and natural way.

How it works

SIP Trunk service operates at internet scale and manages every received call request and routes it to the best available route option. Our extended reach list offers a selection of the best available carriers. All routes are automatically tested to find the most compatible to your needs (quality, latency, rate).

Our voice gateways around the globe take care of your voice calls, ensuring flawless operation of the service. All usage is monitored live and reports can be extracted in real time. The service is scalable to your needs.

What we offer

Give a voice to your business communication

Deliver disruptive customer experiences with lower costs, great quality, and strong high-level, end-to-end encryption. Reach a broader audience and drive new business. Increase customer engagement using personalized voice broadcast campaigns.

Our Voice solutions include:

Go global with no contracts with landline providers and reduced costs.

Νo binding contracts, no hidden fees. Our pricing structure is designed to suit your business. Pay only for a flat subscription fee.