Exclusive services for Voice Aggregators


Interworking Department

Connect to a wide array of communication channels through a single point and optimize your operations while minimizing cost & workload.

Get connected to AMD Telecom’s Voice Hub, gaining access to more than 1000 Networks globally reducing time and the cost of intermediaries. Benefit from increasing your quality of services, using our direct conectivity with the MNOs, using SIP trucking or API connectivity. Increase your quality of services using our direct connections with the MNOs. Send both to landline or mobile numbers, locking on the local currency of your preference.

Get connected to AMD Telecom, gaining access to more than 1000 Networks globally reducing time and the cost of intermediaries. Benefit from increasing your quality of services using our direct connectivity with the MNOs. Send both domestic and international traffic locking the local currency of your preference.

Benefit from using Viber services, paying only for the delivered messages. Send your campaigns to your subscribers via Viber messages. Have they not read them? Enable falback to SMS and make sure that you will reach your target audience.

Interact with your clients using AMD’s 2-way services. Get real-time reports of Voice message Delivery having access to more than 220 destinations. Send and receive back replies automatically in no time, either via SMPP or API connectivity.


Commercial & Wholesales Department

Gain insight from any number on your network to protect your operations from fraud and incorrect charges. Generate virtual numbers without the need for additional infrastructure.

Get access to mobile and landline numbers to service both inbound and outbound SMS and Voice calls in 195 countries. Send and receive SMS and Voice messages. Let international customers reach you with very little to no cost and increase your sales. Set up domestic contact numbers in the countries your business operates. With Virtual Numbers you can set up your own communications instantly, obtain numbers effortlessly and pay only for what you use.

Get your dedicated toll-free number in 195 countries and remove all calling costs for your customers. Operate in more countries without the need for any additional onsite infrastructure and receive domestic mobile & fixed line calls for your business.

Advanced Security Infrastructure

IT & Revenue Assurance Departments

Eliminate “grey routes” and heighten your security with State-of-the-art network protection that safeguards the integrity of all your connections.

Eliminate your costs using our HLR Services, either with an SMPP or API connection. Avoid sending to invalid numbers and unused phones, reducing your comunication costs. Benefit from our global coverage, sending your messages in the most optimum way.

Validate the numbers you are sending to, check whether they are valid or not before sending your communications. Pay the correct price for the appropriate Network. Reduce cost from the start.

Make sure that you are sending your messages to the correct Networks. Eliminate costs by paying for the appropriate Network for any ported numbers.

Avoid communication fraud, such as receiving calls from ported numbers. Get the correct information for every single number you terminate, to charge and be charged correctly.

Security Infastructure Testers

IT & Revenue Assurance Departments

Secure your communications with the latest protection protocols and save your network operations from current threats & future malicious attempts.

Send your SMS the correct way, reaching ported numbers at the correct Networks saving cost and time. Send and pay the correct price knowing which numbers are ported and at which Networks.

Protect your business using advanced 2FA with AMD Telecom for global coverage. Either with a simple API or platform integration, you pay only for successful conversions. A single API provides the full 2FA solution, from authentication management to sending SMS without any delay, in real time. Even fallback from SMS to Voice is possible.

When your company needs to share a number, Call Masking can be used to ensure that privacy is always maintained and respected. Reach 316 MNOs with AMD Telecom’s extensive global coverage.

Two-Factor with Viber is a low-cost service, supplemented by SMS, Voice and Missed Call fallback. The service is charged per completed authentication. Get real-time delivery reports, enjoying global coverage either through a simple API or a Web interface.

Infrastructure - Cost Optimization

IT & Revenue Assurance Departments

Achieve maximum cost optimization, leveraging the power of a short message service center that seamlessly connects mobile subscribers and networks worldwide.

 A comprehensive offering that enables SMS messaging globally. Report, track and monitor the results of your SMS campaigns with help of AMD Telecom’s global connectivity platform.

Convert your text messages to speech and vice versa to engage in more ways than ever. AMD Telecom’s offers an automated service that diversifies your communication needs to reach a global audience via Text or Speech.