About AMD Telecom

Here, to generate connections, for safe, secure and trustable communication experiences, around the entire world. This is us!

Connectivity is our expertise. Building a strong connection between our team is our gear.

AMD Telecom has proven for over 20 years how to be the most trusted partner for its people, for its customers, for a communication ecosystem that only knows how to progress. Connectivity in real terms.
Communication Platforms
global entities
years of experience
direct connections
Communication Platforms
years of experience
direct connections

Our story

A tracked record of profitable growth with exciting growth opportunities ahead

Phase 1- Setting the foundations

Starting at 2000 when we were named as an established SMS Hub and launched the web platform messaging service, till 2012 were we obtained a new data center in Germany improving the Quality of Service, AMD Telecom set solid foundations to grow

Phase 2- Scale Up

From 2016 when we launched the omnichannel communication platform Routee and serves clients like Google, Microsoft, and Uber, till 2019 with the launch of the Marketing Automation Platform WayMore, we scaled up our presence

Phase 3- Global expansion and Innovative products

From 2019 when we rated as a Top 10 Vendor by Rocco Customer Service Research till now, that we expand internationally in 35 more countries and launch the advance on platform unication, we conquer.


Our Vision​

To create technology and services that enable businesses to communicate better and more effectively with customers, in an omnichannel environment. To provide communications software and solutions, equally, to all our clients. If you can describe it, we can do it for you.

Our values make us move forward

Aligned with your needs, dedicated to be connected with your needs. Our values are the core of our business.


What we do, we do well.

Never settle; challenge what’s possible. The only think you have to do is to name it. We will create it.


Customers are always coming first

We always think of the customers’ needs first.We are eager to evolve and work with them for the best possible result.


Act with integrity.

We love openness and straight-forward communication. We strive for transparency in everything we do.


Focus on the outcome.

We constantly strive to provide our customers with perfect results, far exceeding their expectations.


Stay open.

We believe in diversity. Our teams are made up of great people with diverse personal and professional backgrounds, expertise and experience.


Committed in heart and mind.

We believe we can make the difference. And we do.

The Group of AMD Telecom Units

Being at the forefront of communication technologies for over two decades, AMD Telecom offers a wide range of innovative products for Mobile Network Operators, Telecom Vendors, Social Networking Platforms, Global Email Providers, Global Resellers, and Software Developers.


The cutting-edge, user-friendly CPaaS that provides Web & Cloud API services


The marketing automation platform that empowers companies to become more productive and efficient.


The A2P SMSC is short message service center to fulfil all wholesalers needs


If you’d like to join us then here’s a list of the right stuff we’re looking for


Passion is the corner stone that drives us to excel at the things we love and care and want to evolve to something better.


We’re just as good as the team in a whole. We foster creative individuality, but expect team spirit.


You like exploring new technologies, apps and games and consume a lot of your content online.


“If you talk you are only repeating what you already know, but if you listen you might learn something new” Dalai Lama

Our Expert Team

Together we can do so much.With sales offices to 19 countries, we employ more than 150 employees in developing products that connect, engage, and sell. Our people are committed to our values and work hard to make our vision a reality.

Rokos Dimitris


Douka Eleni

Accounting Manager

Dimitra Maniataki

Head of Wholesales

Alexandra Zelilidou

Operation manager

Konstantinos Dalkiranis

Head of Carrier Relations and Interconnection

Karapidakis George

Business Development Director

Chatziantoniou Eleni

HR Manager

Kretsovalis Vyron

Commercial Operations Coordinator

Douka Eleni

Accounting Manager

Nastos Vasilios

Financial Controller

Always Open Connectivity Provider

Creating connections is the best thing we can do. And we know how to do it right. Whether you are a client, a partner, one of us, you are always the open connectivity provider for your requests.