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An intelligent communication platform CPaaS, a global messaging platform that helps businesses expand and simplify interactions between people, applications, devices, and enterprises with web and API cloud communication services. Routee is utilizing the power of AMD Telecom’s backbone connections and combined with API links to all major messaging platforms, provides tailor-made communication bridges for any business, regardless of industry and size.


WayMore is a Marketing Cloud, a platform that automates marketing and business workflows. It combines in-depth automated segmentation tools with machine learning and AI capabilities. It offers a robust unified communication automation platform that comprises all the communication channels Routee has to offer, plus the ability to seamlessly connect with the client’s infrastructure (ERO, CRM, CMS, Channel Provider, etc.)


Send SMS on behalf of mobile users and to deal with bulk sms from applications with iSMSm A2P SMSC. The short message service center is developed according to the GSM standards, and built according to the SS7 layered model. Its functionality is formed from the ground up for high performance, and it scales well in multi-core CPU environments as it can heavily make use of multithreading.

Products & Solutions

Growth globally with AMD Telecom Solutions


Open Connectivity

Attain seamless access to global interactive SMS and Voice messaging services, through reliable connections, that aim at MNOs, global resellers, brands and OTT (Over the Top) providers for corporate communication, security alerts and notifications. Monitor your usage live and extract reports in real-time.


Clearance and settlement

Simplify the complexity of processing roaming billing records, through transparent and actionable processes. Files and transactions are verified and validated according to the industry’s standards and delivered accurately and always on time to all parties.


SMS Monetization

Gain control and visibility into your network’s traffic and monetize text messaging, including Application-to-Person (A2P), a double figured growing sector. Open up your doors to legitimate, high quality A2P SMS and collect a termination fee for every SMS delivered to your subscribers, while offering them a secure environment.



Benefit from our expertise and our complete outsource roaming service portfolio, including opportunity identification, strategy, partner selection, business planning, data and financial clearance, signaling, agreement negotiations, tests and reporting.


Security solutions

Secure your communication transactions and build trust with your customers, utilizing our robust and trustworthy security solutions. We implement AI and ML principles in combination with strong SS7 and SMS Firewalls to recognize and compose patterns of illicit behavior, preventing malicious actions, ensuring both subscribers’ sensitive data and systems’ internal network integrity.

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AMD Telecom for Corporations

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Actual Return on your Investment

Convert your communication efforts to real revenue. Benefit from the power of the most effective Marketing Cloud and the Global Messaging Platform.

Security firsts

Protect your entire business with powerful security solutions. Secure your data, customers, processes with AMD Telecom Security Tools.

Easy Integration

Integrate to all platforms with high scalability options. AMD Telecom is always here to integrate with your needs and teams, the way it suits your needs.

Progressive visitor profiling

Use predictive analytics and formulate consumer patterns. Segment your lists, make customers feel valued, and get positive responses and better ROI.

Customer Lifetime Value

From cloud-based contact center services to chatbots and IVR systems that automate responses to common customer inquiries, AMD Telecom can provide these solutions that improve your customers' value for a lifetime.

Global Reach

Elevate your global presence trusting one carrier. With AMD Telecom, your corporation will not need to manage multiple carriers at the domestic level, but deal with only one, proved and trusted telecommunication partner.

Most competitive pricing

Νo binding contracts, no hidden fees. Our pricing structure is designed to suit your business. Pay only for a flat subscription fee.

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Whether day or night, public holiday or weekend, Waymore supports its customers whenever needed.

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Drive forward to success with the best full product suite in the CPaaS space .We know how to make technology fit your needs.