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An intelligent communication platform CPaaS, a global messaging platform that helps businesses expand and simplify interactions between people, applications, devices, and enterprises with web and API cloud communication services. Routee is utilizing the power of AMD Telecom’s backbone connections and combined with API links to all major messaging platforms, provides tailor-made communication bridges for any business, regardless of industry and size.


WayMore is a Marketing Cloud, a platform that automates marketing and business workflows. It combines in-depth automated segmentation tools with machine learning and AI capabilities. It offers a robust unified communication automation platform that comprises all the communication channels Routee has to offer, plus the ability to seamlessly connect with the client’s infrastructure (ERO, CRM, CMS, Channel Provider, etc.)

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Midsize Businesses to Cloud Solutions

Save time and workforce on installing software rather than buying it. Benefit from massive scalability, easy integrations and ease of use. Save costs with AMD Telecom Cloud Solutions


Midsize Businesses Service Monetisation

Increase lead generation across all channels. Leverage behavior driven engagement and strengthen your customer relationships at every step of the journey.


Midsize Businesses Security

Security comes first. Thus we can detect and prevent threats proactively for your business safe function.

Driven by your needs. Watch your sales and your business grow and your clients multiply. AMD Telecom can listen to your connectivity requests

AMD Telecom for Midsize Businesses

Benefit from our solutions for Midsize Businesses

Growth in revenue

Use the most efficient and effective channels to the right groups of customers. Boost conversions and watch your revenue grow. Just get started.

Secure environment

Protect your entire business with powerful and simple security solutions, that grows with your business.

Progressive visitor profiling

Use personal demographics, consumer behavior, location, and purchase data to segment your lists, make customers feel valued, and get positive responses and better ROI.

Easy data migration and consolidation

Migrate your automation, channels, forms, and user database with Waymore, easily and quickly.

Automated personalized campaigns

Create omnichannel personalized experiences for your customers and get the results you need from targeted marketing channels. Get more for less.

Converting marketing automation

Contact your customers whenever they want and on the channels they prefer, without wasting time and energy, using marketing automations.

Most competitive pricing

Νo binding contracts, no hidden fees. Our pricing structure is designed to suit your business. Pay only for a flat subscription fee.

24/7 support

Whether day or night, public holiday or weekend, Waymore supports its customers whenever needed.

If it can be described, we can create it

Drive forward to success with the best full product suite in the CPaaS space .We know how to make technology fit your needs.