Two Factor Authentication

Add a second layer of security to your processes

Two-Factor Authentication adds a second layer of security to your business by utilizing a combination of two different components. Prevent fraudsters from getting access to your sensitive information, application or software. Secure your customers’ safety and increase their trust factor.

Two Factor Authentication Benefits for your business

Endpoint security concerns are becoming a bigger focus for telecommunication. Benefit from AMD Telecom' s 2FA services



Keep control of costs when using two-factor authentication with fallback messages. Pay for only the connections your business makes.


Secure infrastructure

Provide company-owned communication nodes, with the support of our own in-house development team.


Immediate reach

Ensure authentication messages reach their intended recipients using fallback channels .


Easy to implement

Add mobile two-step verification easily to any web service or software application using Routee API or interface.


Backed by security experts

Managed by an expert security operations team and fraud-trained help desk, Routee can help you stay secure.


Multi Language support

Send and receive messages from anywhere in the world, in 14 languages.


Secure environment

Set up the authentication procedure for all your application users, for any device that receives SMS or Voice messages, using GSM proven protocols.


Prevent security breaches

80% of security breaches can be prevented with Two-Factor Authentication.

Secure your business with AMD Telecom Sollutions.​

Improve customer experience with your extra layer of security

Feel as safe as your customers, with extra layers of security

2FA with SMS

Speed up sign-in process, prevent security breaches.
Upgrade your business security and gain customer trust. Prevent security breaches with SMS two factor authentication. Send reliable SMSs, speed up the sign-in process and keep your business and your customer data safe.

2FA with Voice

Complete solution, optimized delivery.
Add text-to-speech capability to the standard two-factor Authentication process. Place calls and deliver user authentication PINs via voice audio.

2FA with Viber

Reduce expenses, improve customer satisfaction.
Take advantage of Viber’s popularity to send authentication PINs with accuracy, within 10 seconds of the request. Ensure customer safety and cut fraud.

2FA with Missed Call

No more fallbacks needed.
Authenticate accounts fast and securely. Use the last four digits of the missed call number as a cost-effective two-factor authentication solution that is easy to set up and customize.

Prevent security breaches easily

Show your audience that you value them and that you take the extra mile to ensure their data's safety.

How it works

Send two-factor authentication messages safely and securely.

No matter which network provider your company uses or which service provider your customers are subscribed to, your authentication messages will be delivered.

What we offer

No matter which communication channel your company prefers, or which one your customers are used to, Two Factor Authentication with fallback ensures that the authentication messages will reach their intended recipients.

Ensure safe transactions for you and your clients anytime, anywhere.

Two times the security with simple pricing.

Νo binding contracts, no hidden fees. Our pricing structure is designed to suit your business. Pay only for a flat subscription fee.