We are a global telecommunications provider.

Our customers include Mobile Network Operators, Telecom Vendors, Social Networking Platforms, Global Email Providers and Global Resellers.

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Our services

Open Connectivity

Attain seamless access to global interactive SMS and Voice messaging services, through reliable connections, that aim at MNOs, global resellers, brands and OTT (Over the Top) providers for corporate communication, security alerts and notifications. Monitor your usage live and extract reports in real-time.

Clearance and settlement

Simplify the complexity of processing roaming billing records, through transparent and actionable processes. Files and transactions are verified and validated according to the industry’s standards and delivered accurately and always on time to all parties.

SMS Monetization

Gain control and visibility into your network’s traffic and monetize text messaging, including Application-to-Person (A2P), a double figured growing sector. Open up your doors to legitimate, high quality A2P SMS and collect a termination fee for every SMS delivered to your subscribers, while offering them a secure environment.


Benefit from our expertise and our complete outsource roaming service portfolio, including opportunity identification, strategy, partner selection, business planning, data and financial clearance, signaling, agreement negotiations, tests and reporting.

Security solutions

Secure your communication transactions and build trust with your customers, utilizing our robust and trustworthy security solutions. We implement AI and ML principles in combination with strong SS7 and SMS Firewalls to recognize and compose patterns of illicit behavior, preventing malicious actions, ensuring both subscribers’ sensitive data and systems’ internal network integrity.

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