Move your conversations forward with Viber

Engage your audience highly personalized, rich and interactive multimedia content. Achieve better conversion rates and more brand loyalty in a secure environment.

With our flexible pay-per delivered message price model, you can communicate with your customers, using highly personalized, rich, and interactive content and increase your conversion rate by 78%.


Connect with your audience easily and efficiently


Improve customer engagement

Capitalize on Viber’s super flexible functionality for both supreme one-way and two-way communication and take your audience engagement to the next level.



Pay only for the messages that reach their audiences and nothing more. No matter the size of your campaign, Viber messaging has a pricing plan to suit your business requirements.


Increase conversions

Grab your audience’s attention with rich media, stimulate a desire for your products and services, and make them want to buy. Insert and easily configure call-to-action buttons and get your Viber business messaging to the next level of conversion.


Enrich your communication

Create compelling messages that allow you to express your brand voice freely. Easily add video, audio, gifs, stickers, and all sorts of multimedia to your Viber messages.


Gain instant feedback

No more waiting for someone to respond to an email. Receive speedy replies and feedback to your surveys or product offers.


Optimized customer service

Take advantage of Viber’s “lightning-quick chat experience”. Provide customers with way better customer support that you can also combine with chatbot functionality for routine queries.

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Service Features

A wide range of rich features, designed to improve VIber Impact

Rich multimedia content

Create enriched messages of up to 1000 characters that include text, images, emojis, buttons, stickers, special characters, video, and voice.

Easy API and interface integration

We want you to take the easy road. You can set up Viber Voice messaging in no time with our state-of-the-art API and a Web Platform that allows for easy integration with your business.

Massive reach

Νο limits to your reach. Whether you have a hundred or million contacts, we have you covered. You can dispatch your campaigns, accurately and securely.

Global coverage

Our global coverage spans over 360 networks and 220 countries, guaranteeing delivery of your Viber messages to users worldwide.

Intelligent failover

Set up intelligent failover solutions in case your messages are not read. Never miss an opportunity to connect with your audience.

Segment and personalize

Send segmented campaigns and personalized messages to your recipients to increase customer loyalty. Show your customers how important they are to your company.

User-friendly platform

We don’t believe in complicated things. Create and send campaigns in under 5 minutes with our easy yet powerful Viber tools.

Maximum Security

Better safe than sorry. Viber Messaging servers are provided via private cloud servers that are fully secured with a firewall, so you can be confident that each message will be sent securely.

Breakthrough a global audience

Create meaningful connections and engage with your audience at their preferred communication channel, using highly personalized and interactive content.

How it works

With 7 million interactions happening every minute, more than 1 billion users, and 260 million monthly active users, no one can deny that Viber is an ultra-popular communication channel.Harness the power of Viber’s impressive functionality and provide unique and user-defined customer experiences.

Capitalize on Viber’s super flexible functionality for both supreme one-way and two-way communication and take your audience engagement to the next level.

What we offer

Allow customers and prospects to directly converse with your brand and get instant responses to routine inquiries.Be where your customers are and communicate with them using highly personalized, rich, and interactive content.

Reach out to your audience by enabling one-way messaging to deliver them direct messages through your Viber Business page without offering the option to reply. Engage in conversations with your customers by enabling two-way messaging and allowing them to provide you their feedback or even initiate a conversation with you. Inform your customers about new products or services, offers, and discounts. Achieve higher conversion rates and boost brand loyalty in a highly secured way

Viber services in simple pricing

Νo binding contracts, no hidden fees. Our pricing structure is designed to suit your business. Pay only for a flat subscription fee.