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Reach any country, any one location and any number in a matter of seconds. Our 1200 Direct Connections with Mobile Network Operators globally proves it’s true.

SCCP Signaling

The Singling Connection Control Part (SCCP) is a part of International Telecommunication Union (ITU) recommendation Q.711, which is the routing protocol for Signaling System 7 (SS7), used to set up calls in telephony networks.

The SCCP protocol makes it possible to address a message to a specific type of device, such as a conventional telephone set, cell phone sets, a VoIP end station, fax machine, or computer. As traffic and network problems increase, the SCCP ensures that packets are received in the correct order and are not delayed.

Mobile Number Portability (MNP) Activation Service

AMD Telecom is a valuable partner for any Mobile operator, SMS Aggregator, VoIP carrier, MVNO and OTT company, provides cost-effective number portability processes, by helping regulators to consolidate the portable database, and at the same time MNO’s to operate within the MNP Service.

With years of proven experience, AMD Telecom is the company that can provide the infrastructure but also organize the MNP process to any regulator.

Equipment Identification Register EIR Activation

Build trust with Equipment Identification Register (EIR), the mechanism that allows network operators to prevent stolen or disallowed handsets from accessing the network.

Protect your network and revenues, become your customers’ reference of reliance, by protecting your network from unregistered and stolen devices, that overcome any level of compliance. At AMD Telecom, we are ready to support your EIR activation request, and lead your business to the next level of trust.


AMD Telecom’s Cell SCADA provides nearly ubiquitous coverage, over cellular or GPRS modems. Data signals are transmitted on the network through a data transport layer to achieve maximum reach, on a sealed channel from the rest of the internet, protecting communications from 3rd party interceptions.

Serve your end customers with exceptional services and step ahead the competition, by providing your network widespread coverage, high-speed connection and secure links.

MVNE (Mobile Virtual Network Enabler)

Mobile virtual network enablers (MVNEs) specialize in planning, implementing, and managing mobile services. An MVNE might also provide SIM provisioning and configuration, customer billing, customer relationship management, and value-added services. It does this by enabling an MVNO to own and manage fewer aspects of a mobile service business—in itself an outsourcing move—than it would in the absence of such an outsourcing deal. A related type of company is a mobile virtual network aggregator (MVNA). MVNE is a telecom solution, whereas MVNA is a business model that sells wholesale minutes of use (or “airtime”) as well as routing over the MVNE’s own switches.

SS7 Risk Assessment Scanner

Ensure that your SS7 networks are secure with AMD Telecom’s SS7 Cloud Scanner, a web-based penetration testing tool. The service detects attacks, prevents threats, and avoids risks associated with SS7 vulnerabilities.

Secure your Signaling System (SS7) protocol and allow your IT team to secure your network from malicious attempts that cost in time and resources.

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