Accelerate a faster sales process with SMS

Send and receive over 20,000 text messages per minute, to and from customers around the world

We provide bidirectional A2P SMS connectivity with broad international SMS coverage (having access in 1,200 Mobile Operators in more than 200 countries) with real-time monitoring and reporting capabilities, in a secure and transparent environment. It is a single connectivity access point to global A2P SMS market, through SMPP, RESTful or HTTP API, Web Interface, aimed at Mobile Network Operators, global resellers, brands and OTT (Over the Top) providers for corporate communication, security alerts and notifications.


Send messages that will be read by your audience, capitalizing on in-depth personalization, effortless segmentation, and instant delivery with an incredible worldwide reach.


Worldwide delivery on all devices

Your message is always delivered to your audience regardless of their location, thanks to guaranteed global SMS campaign deliverability spanning over 1,200 Mobile Operators (including 152 zero hop direct connections).


Maximise deliverability upon your specifications.

We will find the best available routing option to get your text to your user’s phone. For best-in-class communications delivery.


Real-time monitoring and reporting capabilities.

Track the exact time of delivery or conversion of your SMS campaign and use the data to create better experiences.


24/7 support.

Sent any time, on any day, all year long on both do-not-disturb (DND) and non-DND numbers, as it is relevant to customers and expected by them.

Improve results with AMD Telecom Services, your ultimate connectivity partner.

Service Features

A wide range of rich features, designed to improve the efficiency of your SMS campaigns

A/B testing

Measure the effectiveness of your campaigns, see which of them respond better, and improve the efficiency of your communication.

Advanced security tools

Protect apps, online services, and users from malicious attacks, fraud, data loss, and unauthorized access.

Fail Over Channels

Never miss an opportunity to connect with your audience. In case your messages are not read you can use Routee’s intelligent failover solutions to send them to another channel.

Real-time campaign reports

Track the exact time of delivery or conversion of your SMS campaign and use the data to create better experiences.

E-Payment supported

Connect your credit card and send your SMS marketing campaigns anytime you want.

Flash SMS and ShortURL

Send Flash SMS which may include a ShortURL, without worrying about the character limit or your recipients’ storage space.

SMS response after a Missed call

Enable SMS replies to missed calls in your campaigns. Keep your customers updated and let them know you'll be getting back to them soon.

Inbound campaigns automation

Set up auto-responses or use message triggers to send back dynamic replies based on keywords.

Pre-defined keywords

Set up and process inbound messages with pre-defined keywords and attract your customer’s attention.

Opt-in/opt-out choice

Give customers an easy and effective way to opt-in or opt-out of your text messages for a better customer experience.

Real-time feedback

Get your customers involved. Gather feedback and reviews quickly and effortlessly and use them to make your services better.

Pin code generation

Each code generated is tied to an individual user and is securely sent to the phone number of the user.

Automatic lead creation and contact blacklist

New leads are automatically added to CRM. Old contacts unwilling to hear from you and don’t convert are automatically moved to the blacklist.

Optimized routing servers

Guaranteed to grant you success. Our servers are renowned for their quality and reliability.

Powerful search tools

Track SMS delivery historical data and gain insight into individual destination numbers

Go to market with SMS

Create powerful SMS messages with an incredible 98% open rate and boost your conversions.

How it works

After connecting to our access point, our clients are able to achieve global 1 or 2 way SMS communication. Simply set the delivery specifications, either by country, οr by network, including the type of sender ID (alphanumeric or numeric) and at that point our intelligent routing performs automated tests and benchmarks to all available routes, in order to verify that the given specifications are in accordance with the local restrictions. 

The process runs in the background continuously, without interrupting the routing and delivery of the SMS traffic. The results are presented to the clients in a detailed report, including all the alternatives, in case of noncompliance with the specs.

What we offer

Begin your omnichannel conversations on a channel you have complete control over. Deliver messages that will be read by your audience, beyond the web. Benefit from in-depth personalization, effortless segmentation, and instant delivery.

Our SMS solutions include:

The flexible pay-only for what you use solution

Νo binding contracts, no hidden fees. Our pricing structure is designed to suit your business. Pay only for a flat subscription fee.