Email validation

Keep your email list clean. Instantly remove invalid email addresses from your list to prevent email bounces.

Easily clean up your databases and remove bad emails that are no longer in use. Improve your deliverability and campaign ROI with email validation. Automate the whole process and revalidate your list every 30 days. Keep only deliverable addresses on your list to target valid emails and save big on costs.

Get to your customer’s inbox

Instantly remove invalid email addresses from your list using our API or platform to prevent email bounces.


Be GDPR compliant

We help you stay fully compliant with all GDPR requirements. We also provide details on a contact’s country of origin in the verification report.


Clean up lists

Our Email Verifier will start analyzing and identify any emails that could be fake or that could risk your business sending spam.


Get Email verification with Two Way SMS

Retrieve your contact’s correct email address with a Two-Way SMS asking them for their correct email address.


Take advantage of free, quality reports

Receive a report for all email lists uploaded or imported for verification. You can be confident your email lists are clean.

Improve your deliverability and campaign ROI with email validation.​

Our Email Validation service features:

Effortlessly remove all misspelled, non-existing, and invalid email addresses to reduce your email bounce rates and preserve your sender reputation.

Email correction

Automatically fix email addresses that contain common spelling mistakes.

Import data to CRM, Excel files, website

The customer data can be imported into your database system or any other application you use.

List re-verification

Your email lists are re-verified every 30 days to catch inactive email addresses.

Huge collection of email templates

Choose from a wide range of email templates to suit any marketing campaign design.

99% deliverability

We guarantee that your emails will be delivered after using our email list cleaning service.

Bounce prevention

Undeliverable email addresses are instantly unsubscribed from further marketing activities.

Perform accurate email address verification with Email Validation service

Easily clean up your databases and delete emails that are no longer in use, to target only valid emails and save big on costs. Effortlessly automate your email address validation processes with our reliable email validation service.

How it works

Use email validation as an essential factor in improving your customer experience. Easily validate your customers’ email addresses on the spot and use them to send them personalized messages that will instantly upgrade their customer experience.

Use email validation to confirm your customers’ email addresses before you email them. Make your customers feel appreciated and show them that you went the extra mile to safeguard their online orders.

What we offer

Save time and enhance the customer experience with our Autocomplete Email Validation Service.

We have created an autocomplete input service for emails with embedded validation. When users of your applications or websites want to input their data, they can select to autocomplete their emails instead of typing them in. In this case, our service automatically validates their email addresses. If the given email address is already registered in your database, then this email is marked as valid.

Email Validation with simple pricing.

Νo binding contracts, no hidden fees. Our pricing structure is designed to suit your business. Pay only for a flat subscription fee.