AMD Telecom is among the top 4 SMS Firewall vendors worldwide

AMD Telecom was ranked globally in the top four SMS Firewall vendors from Juniper research as one of the established leaders.


Juniper Research’s SMS Firewalls research


Juniper Research has released its new research on SMS Firewalls. The study provides a comprehensive analysis and evaluation of this evolving market, including all the factors that will influence the adoption of SMS firewalls today and in the coming years, as well as strategic recommendations for key roaming stakeholders.

The research also positions the top 16 SMS firewall vendors in the Juniper Research Competitor Leaderboard, placing AMD Telecom as an established market leader. AMD Telecom is among the top 4 companies, with a total of 180 companies from 48 countries participating.

SMS Firewall Service and its necessity in the global market


Corporate SMS is a rapidly growing sector. Along with business messaging, “grey routes” are also surging. Today, the urgent need to eliminate grey routes to stop revenue leakage and gain back control of the networks is acknowledged by Mobile Operators globally.

SMS Firewall protects mobile networks from all SMS-based attacks and provides complete protection and control of all messages on the network. All messages are routed through the firewall, analyzed, and classified. This means that even messages to outbound routers are controlled.

An SMS firewall is a critical element of SMS monetization, as it detects all routes with inappropriate charges, filters traffic, and prevents network abuse. Combining hardware and software features provides a holistic and secure approach to ensure SMS monetization.

AMD’s firewall is unique in its ability to differentiate A2P from P2P SMS traffic and recognize A2P SMS hidden inside P2P channels while also offering standard firewall filtering of A2P international traffic with alphanumeric sender ID.

AMD\’s solution is also very flexible and easy to implement even in complex environments. SMS Firewall Security Rule Sets start from basic SS7 filtering, based on acceptable peers, to more complex rules preventing GT spoofing, SIM Boxes, and Sender ID management, extending to Automated Security Rule Set generation by Artificial Intelligence modules. Considering that SMPP/SMPP+/HTTP/HTTPS traffic is also filtered whilst ensuring that the incoming traffic to the MNOs is truly valid.

Some of the main core features of AMD\’s Platform, among others, include:


– Reporting and Statistical views of all Messaging Transactions (including incident(s) or fraud)

– Ability to Create custom rule-sets based on applied Operators\’ and/or Regional Regulations

– Support Active/Passive Monitoring Modes and Active Blocking Mode

– Support Routing Signaling

– Ability to mask important parts in messaging (eg. IMSI)

– Able to mitigate all GSMA cat 1, 2, 3 vulnerabilities

– Support mitigation for future signaling vulnerability

– Support external user authentication (LDAP – prefer, Radius, Tacacs, tacacs+) or REST API

– Virtualization

– Log about user activity (authentication and authorization)

Mr. Dimitris Rokos, CEO of AMD Telecom, stated the following:


“AMD Telecom\’s goal is to provide high-quality services that meet the needs of the constantly evolving market. Consequently, this important distinction from Juniper\’s Research can only make us proud and happy while at the same time motivating us to continue to innovate and offer our customers services that will help their business grow. This is our commitment to anyone who trusts us.”


About AMD Telecom


AMD Telecom is a global market leader in telecommunications, at the forefront of communication technologies for more than 20 years.

With regional offices in 19 countries and an online presence in more than 200 markets, AMD Telecom can help a business reach its audience through the world’s largest proprietary messaging network. 

More than 500 employees globally, with rich technological know-how and cutting-edge expertise, are developing products that connect, engage, and sell.

We offer a wide range of innovative products, spanning from SMS, Email, Voice, Viber, ChatBots, Videos, Cloud IVR, Numbers, to portability databases, Verification, MFA solutions, Automation, Landing Page Builder, and many more.

Being at the forefront of communication technologies for over two decades, AMD Telecom has developed two main highly specialized business units, Routee and WayMore.

Routee is a cutting-edge, user-friendly CPaaS that provides Web & Cloud API services, and WayMore is a marketing automation platform that empowers a company to become more productive and efficient.

Our client portfolio includes some of the world’s biggest Mobile Network Operators, Telecom Vendors, Social Networking Platforms, Global Email Providers, and Global Resellers.

About Juniper Research


Juniper Research specializes in identifying and appraising new high-growth market sectors within the digital ecosystem. Market sizing and forecasting are the cornerstones of our offering, together with competitive analysis, strategic assessment, and business modeling.


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