Our White Label SMS Platform is a fully-equipped business SMS platform for Voice carriers, SMS aggregators, Mobile operators, OTTs, and enterprises. The platform is a hosted, turn-key SMS trading solution. It is independent of carriers, easy to use and it doesn’t require special hardware. Running your SMS wholesale business is a breeze. Among the features are included message testing, intelligent routing, adjustable pricing system.

A single easy-to-use, yet powerful platform to help you set your SMS business and monetize from global SMS traffic with minimal setup.

We offer flexible pricing aimed to support a profitable SMS trading for our clients. Also, through our monitor system and advanced analytics our platform will help you cut unnecessary costs.

Routing by Network, Pricing, Bulk Rerouting, SMS Firewall, Filters, HLR/MNP, DLR checks.

Real-time check, Reporting, CDR, Statistics. Finance & Billing, backed up by a 24/7 Support.