We offer a powerful server to Mobile Operators, enabling them to engage with their subscribers through SMS or/and create and manage wholesale opportunities. It is built and offered with white-labelling in mind so as to be customized according to Mobile Operators’ branding specifications.


How it works

Engage with your subscribers

Through a web-based SMS platform and a single account you can send alerts, notifications, reminders, polls, sweepstakes and marketing SMS to your subscribers. Communication can be achieved either by creating/uploading contact lists with custom fields to Web2SMS server manually, either by integrating our API to your CRM/ERP and set all your rules and criteria for automated campaigns. Some of the criteria that can be set are: age, type of plan (post or prepayment), overdue payments, inactive period and so many more!


Wholesale opportunities

Web2SMS server offers the ability to manage your A2P SMS reseller partners. Multiple sub accounts can be created with administrative access over them. Different rules, pricing, routing and restrictions can be set through a “tick box” interface.

The server comes with real-time monitoring and reporting options, plus the deep level analysis of the traffic.



  • Create an additional revenue stream (A2P SMS) and manage it with great ease.
  • Maximise revenue/subscriber.
  • Minimise workload of customer development.
  • Eliminate communication cost between Mobile Operators and subscribers.