This is the second core element of A2P Monetization, the first being the SMS Firewall. Tracking & Reporting is a combination of hardware and software that allows Mobile Operators to gain valuable insights and full control of all SMS traffic entering their network. It provides real-time visualization of data about the sources directing traffic to the Mobile Operator, the types and volume of traffic and the partners and applicable termination charges. Users can customize the system according to their needs.


How it works

Every time your network receives SMS traffic, Tracking & Reporting starts working together with the SMS Firewall, providing real-time monitoring and administration. Its main features are:


  • Real-time monitoring of all SMS activity in the network.
  • Automated real-time notifications of critical incidents or of any other incidents according to user-defined criteria.


  • Detailed statistics about SMS traffic, based on multiple parameters (time-frame, region, country, source, wholesale or roaming partners, etc.).
  • Real-time reports based on multiple parameters.


  • Manage your roaming and wholesale partners by setting the rules in real time.
  • Customisable blocking application depending on the exact needs of the user (allows you to block or allow specific types of traffic, partners, sources, sender IDs, etc.).



  • Comprehensive qualitative and quantitative traffic data (source, type, partner, etc.).
  • Proper billing of A2P SMS.
  • Proper billing of roaming, A2P partners and interworking.
  • Easily manage all income sources (roaming, A2P, interworking).
  • A2P – P2P segregation.
  • AA: 19 Partner management.
  • Aggregator management.