As the SS7 network constitutes the main interconnection backbone among telephone operators, even more people depend on it daily to communicate with each other. Along with its expansion, SS7 network suffers from constant attack surging by fraudsters, hackers and adversaries, exploiting loopholes in the protocol to breach subscriber privacy, deny access to key services and to directly defraud mobile operators.

Our SS7 Firewall completes our SMS Firewall and secures the internal network without interruptions. It combines hardware and software features to perform real-time SS7 session tracking and signalling traffic inspection. Our Artificial Intelligence module recognizes and composes patterns of illicit behavior, preventing malicious actions, ensuring subscribers personal data and internal network integrity.


How it works

All SS7 sessions and transactions are being monitored in real-time, alongside with the entire signaling traffic, so as to recognize and block all fraudulent attempts to access the internal network through the SS7 layer.
The attack analysis module identifies the source and the target of the attacks and thereafter initiates the appropriate actions and enhance protection.
All rules are set in real-time, through an intuitive user interface that performs advanced reporting on threats and attacks. Our firewall is unique in its ability to block all spoofing/faking and network flood attempts.



  • Secures revenue streams, acting as a single-protection-point, as the Firewall protects all of GSMA categories and types of SS7 threats.

  • Protects subscribers’ valuable personal data, location tracking, hijacking and malicious SMS/voice interception.

  • Assures service availability, as it blocks all attacks targeting service continuity.

  • Decreases operational costs, through its easy-to-configure and administrate user interface.

  • Fully compatible with SMS Firewall, offering a state of the art A2P SMS protection.