Corporate SMS is a rapidly growing sector. Organisations across the world have grasped its potential and embraced it, recognizing its communication value. Along with business messaging, “grey routes” are also surging. Today, the urgent need to eliminate grey routes in order to stop revenue leakage and gain back control of the networks is acknowledged by Mobile Operators globally.

A core element of SMS monetization is an SMS Firewall that identifies all improperly charged routes, filters traffic and prevents network abuse. It combines hardware and software features to ensure SMS monetization based on a holistic approach. Our firewall is unique in its ability to differentiate A2P from P2P SMS traffic and recognize A2P SMS hidden inside P2P channels, while also offering standard firewall filtering of A2P international traffic with alphanumeric sender ID.


How it works

Whenever SMS traffic reaches the network of a Mobile Operator, the SMS firewall immediately scans each message, its originator, source and route used. Traffic spikes and unwanted and repeated traffic and content are filtered, while “grey routes” are identified and blocked. The firewall features a user friendly interface and is fully customizable. The user can apply specific rules for different roaming partners, types of traffic, sources of incoming traffic and types of sender ID.



  • Eliminate grey routes.
  • Properly charge every single SMS terminating in your network.
  • Gain full control of SMS traffic in your network.
  • Secure the transparency of your network.
  • Maximise profits from this untapped source of revenue.


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