Intelligent Routing is a combination of hardware and software that guarantees the highest SMS delivery rates with the most competitive pricing policy. Intelligent routing is an “all-in-one” management and reporting tool, addressed to routing and roaming departments, with the sole objective to minimize administrative workload and to maximize SMS efficiency and revenues.

How it works

Delivery specifications are imported to an extremely easy-to-use interface. Sender ID, minimum accepted delivery rate, stability and price/SMS can be set for every destination, separately or in groups. The system can be configured: 1) to test and present proposals for the best available route (upon the imported specs), letting the administrator decide if he will go along with the suggestion, or 2) to test and choose fully automatically the best available routing option.

The testing procedure is consisted of the following actions:

  1. Identify the 20 routes/partners offering the lowest rate.
  2. Test and benchmark one-by-one, starting from the cheapest one.
  3. Decides the best “value for money” route that fulfills the imported requirements.


  • Routing Optimization.
  • Maximise revenues.
  • Minimise workload and effort.
  • Minimise “tickets” for tech issues.
  • Fully automated routing operation.