Improve your communication with your customers, colleagues and partners and interact with them personally and effectively. Let them contact you anytime or run engaging marketing campaigns, loyalty programs, polls/surveys, sweepstakes and so much more, through a single connection point of AMD Telecom.



  • Multi-campaign
    You are free to run multiple campaigns on a single provided number, reducing your costs and administration. Avoid unnecessary complications with multiple numbers and keywords.
  • Auto-responders
    Set up auto-responders and reply automatically with dynamic content, activated by predefined keywords and action triggers. All responses can be configured via API or into our web platform.
  • Multilingual support
    Send and receive messages in any language you want. We support Unicode, so you can communicate in any language (Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Greek and so on…).
  • SMS Concatenation
    We believe that interactive communication should not be limited to 160 characters. For that reason we support SMS concatenation, being able to send and receive long SMS as a single one.
  • Message Tracking
    You can track every sent or received message in real-time that enables you to confirm message statuses and impact. You may extract reports based on your criteria.
  • Opt in and out
    Let your users/customers opt in or out of your campaigns easily, with a single click. The process is configurable upon your needs, through API or web platform.




  • Open up an interactive line of communication with your users, existing or potential customers, anywhere in the world.
  • Lower communication (outbound or intra-company), customer care and advertising costs.
  • Instant, measurable impact and effectiveness of messages, with increased Return On Investment (ROI).
  • Lower administrative cost of your application, as everything is monitored and replied through a single panel.
  • Get instant feedback of your users/customers.
  • The service is scalable on demand (increased or reduced usage) so you don’t have to worry about hardware additions, upgrades, etc.
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