Our Data Clearing service simplifies the complexity of processing roaming billing records between Mobile Operators. Files are verified and validated according to the industry’s standards and delivered accurately and always on time to all parties.


How it works
AMD Telecom establishes, manages and tests every connection with the roaming partners of Mobile Operators, facilitating and ensuring the accurate, efficient exchange of TAP (Transferred Account Procedures) files and records, while repairing errors that may occur. Being a single point of access for all roaming partners, our company prevents roaming leakage due to delays from multi-access points. Reports are produced upon request, providing valuable insight on rejected, corrupted, missing, delayed and pending TAP files. Moreover, online file control and online call records offer the ability to track, search, retrieve and download records.


• Assures the integrity and accuracy of exchanged data.
• Protects and maximizes revenues.
• Alerts on traffic abnormalities.
• Minimising operational costs and workload.