AMD TELECOM SA, responding to the requirements of the modern business ecosystem, striving for the improvement of its organizational structure and its internal communication, and always aiming at the faster and better service of its customers, decided to design and install a Quality Management System according to requirements of the International Standard ELOT EN ISO 9001/2015.

The Company’s Quality Management System comprises:

Procurement of Telecommunication Services:

  • Clearing and Data Management Services, Financial Clearance and Claims Settlement Services, Voice Services Hub, SMS Text Messaging Hub, Creating and Programming of SMS Managing Platform (Web to SMS/Voice Server), Routing Services (Roaming Steering), Roaming Hub, Short Message Service Center Software (SMSc), SMPP Proxy Server Routing Engine (SMPP) Management Center and Routing Engine, Revenue Assurance Services, Fraud protection services.
  • Use of internet platform for sending SMS text messages, Text messaging service via the HTTP protocol, Provision of an electronic platform with OTT client logo for resale of SMS text messaging services (Web2SMS White label), Analytical messaging, delivery and aggregate reporting services, SMPP protocol for interconnection services, Location analysis and mobile number confirmation services, Mobile applications for banks, ticketing, and parking. All are designed according to the needs and aspirations of the Company and the Legal Greek and European Regulatory Legislation.

The main goal of AMD TELECOM SA‘s Quality Management System is to create the foundation for the continuous improvement of its processes’ efficiency, always having in mind meeting the needs and expectations of its customers to the utmost possible.

To implement all of the above, the company is committed to complying with the legislative and regulatory framework. At the same time, the company’s Management continuously supports and implements the company’s Quality Management System establishing objective goals for Quality, based on the undivided and constructive cooperation of its employees and its partners.

The fundamental principles as expressed within the Quality System procedures of the company are:

  • Compliance with the specified customers’ requirements, as agreed through written contracts/agreements to increase their satisfaction.
  • The continuous after-sales customer support as well as the constructive cooperation with all the partners.
  • The continuous updating and training of the company’s workforce.
  • The investigation of non-compliances causes or complaints and the implementation of corrective actions.

The System’s fundamental principles, as well as the objective goals for quality, are reviewed at regular intervals by the company’s Management to adapt to the new needs and developments of the market, the legal requirements, but also to achieve the goal of steady improvement of the company’s operations.

Through the continuous reviews of the above, the company’s Management always remains vigilant to identify human resources and infrastructure needs. Management is committed to providing the necessary resources to meet the needs as they arise -and as they are shaped by current situations- to the maximum of its capabilities.

All AMD TELECOM SA‘s departments are in charge of responding, assimilating and implementing the procedures required by the Quality System, through their daily activities.

It is also the responsibility of AMD TELECOM SA‘s Management to ensure that the Quality Policy is communicated, understood, and implemented by all the Company’s workforce. The ultimate goal is to have continuous and steady development of the company’s business activity, bearing in mind the unwavering commitment to the company’s principles and the unswerving provision of high-quality products and services to its customers. The Quality Policy is communicated to the employees through active actions such as training, updates, staff meetings, and most importantly, through the consistent application of the Quality System’s requirements by the Management.



Rokou Aikaterini

Thessaloniki, 03/09/2020

(1st version)