EIR (Central Equipment Identity Register)

EIR (Central Equipment Identity Register) is a combination of hardware and software that guarantees operators to protect their networks and revenues from the use of stolen and unregistered devices. EIR can be demand for installation from governments and telecom regulators.

How it works

The EIR (Equipment Identification Register) contains a centralized database for authenticating the International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI). This database refers exclusively to the equipment of the mobile station. The EIR register stores the identities of mobile station equipment.

Using this information, the MSC can check whether mobile equipment is allowed to be used or prohibited.

In EIR, mobile stations are fixed in three lists:

  • in the whitelist for mobile stations allowed for use; (based on IMEI DB)
  • in the greylist for mobile stations, which have registration problems, but they have not yet been transferred to the blacklist
  • in the blacklist for banned mobile stations.


  • Avoid tax loss by registering the new devices that come into the country
  • Analyzing the handset and SIM data to detect frauds
  • Block unregistered mobile devices for communication and data services
  • Block all stolen devices for communication and data services