In June 2011, Turkmenistan’s prime mobile operator «TMCELL» informed us about its necessity to connect with as many networks in the world as possible, to send and receive SMS messages, setting a 4-month deadline to implement the project (06-09/2011).

Furthermore, TMCELL network requested roaming services access for its subscribers, to at least 50 networks around the world, something that was unavailable until then. The submitted proposals by the competition were highly costly and long-term scheduled, which in result positioned us to solely undertake the implementation of the overall project.



In 06/2011, we started the installation of our patented solution “SMS HUB” in order to achieve bidirectional connection and network communication through SMS, with as many networks possible around the globe. Then, in 01/2012 we took over the management of the entire roaming section on behalf of the mobile network (Outsource Roaming Management).

In addition, we began to implement all the best practices in economic management and clearance between networks (financial clearing), administration and clearance data exchange between networks (data clearing). Finally, we upgraded technically the network by creating infrastructure for Signaling and SS7 protocol support.



After the complete installation of the necessary hardware and software, we activated the “SMS HUB” service and delivered to the network and its subscribers the αbility to send and receive SMS messages on more than 1,200 networks, in 200 countries. The total implementation time was faster than scheduled, as the project was completed in three months instead of four.

Regarding roaming services, we generated all the conditions necessary for the department’s proper operation and management, setting procedures, establishing strategy, selecting the best partners possible, while from then until today, we negotiate all relevant agreements. In result, we delivered integrated roaming services in more than 150 Networks, worldwide.

It is worth mentioning that during the international exhibition “Turkmentel 2013”, we were given an award for flawless implementation of the overall project, by Turkmenistan’s Telecommunications Minister.