Where are you flying to? Plan your trip and your roaming.

Where are you flying to? Plan your trip and your roaming.

So, you picked your favorite destination for this year. You searched, you asked around, you compared, you went through all online rating engines, you checked pics, weather conditions and fastest routes and you are almost done. But, wait, let’s make that list that you need to verify just before leaving for the airport. Are you ready?

• Camera, phone, money, credit cards? Check!
• Passport, maps, travel bag, hat? Check!
• Hotel and restaurant reservations? Check!
• Local hip band concert reservation? Check!
• Clothes, shoes, swimwear, sunscreen, all packed? Check!
• Local guides info, plane tickets? Check!

Bank info, online translator, local emergency numbers? Check!

You are good to go! At least that’s almost everything you needed to plan before reaching your destinations some years ago. And as you set your foot down to your vacation paradise, you received a message letting you know that your roaming was on. Did you have any saying on that? Well, up until a few years ago, not really.

Thankfully, this is not the case today. Apart from your trip, you can also select your roaming partner. A series of strategic alliances have been made between telecom giants and local operators to make sure not only that you have network coverage, but also that you are able to select the roaming partner of your choice. Ensuring that you don’t overspend on your communication while traveling, make sure to get the lowest rates by manually selecting the relevant operator for the country you are travelling in. It’s pretty certain that you will find better ways in which to spend your money while on holidays, rather than on a roaming agent.